When the Virtual Debt Collector Comes Knocking

Virtual Agent Collecting on DebtIn my last post Does Your Business Need a Virtual Agent, I provided a couple of examples of how local businesses might leverage intelligent virtual assistants ton their websites to gain competitive advantage. Today I ran across a company that has an even more targeted use for virtual agents. InterProse offers  the Ammina Virtual Agent that is specially geared towards collecting from your delinquent customers.

This is a pretty clever use of non-human intelligent agents. It seems to make intuitive sense that when you’re behind in your payments, you’d rather avoid talking to a real person about it. The interaction is awkward and a human agent is more likely than not going to try to pressure you into paying. There’s something less threatening about a machine that refrains from judging you, but that’s simply there to state company policy and maybe even offer you some settlement options to consider. It’s also somewhat comforting to know that you’re not going to be subject to human emotions. Even if you lose your cool, the virtual agent is guaranteed to treat you with the same dispassionate politeness.

Check out the Interpro debt collection virtual agent for yourself.

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