Virtual Agent Wendy Offers Customer Support

VirtuOz WendyVirtuOz, Inc. issued a press release back at the beginning of the year announcing the launch of Wendy, a virtual agent support rep for Windstream Communications. According to the press release, Wendy offers 24/7 support to Windstream customers who may be experiencing problems with their high-speed Internet, digital TV, home phone, or other Windstream services.

Wendy doesn’t speak, but her avatar appears onscreen as a young professional clad in a Windstream branded polo. She is trained in basic troubleshooting. For example, if you let her know that you’re having trouble with your Internet connection, she’ll suggest that you try rebooting your modem and wireless router. If her suggestions don’t help you fix the problem, she can direct you to live support or to an appropriate email address. For just about any support question you can think to ask, Wendy offers up multiple links to relevant information that she thinks might address your issue.

Wendy seems to be a good example of a virtual customer support agent, offering customers another channel to get their problems resolved.

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