Virtual Agents to Help Ease Transition to Arvest Bank

Intelligent Virtual Agent

IntelliResponse issued a press release today announcing Arvest Bank as a new customer of their virtual agent technology. Arvest Bank, one of the largest banks in Arkansas, has an interesting and compelling use case for virtual agents. With its history of rapid growth through the acquisition of other regional banks, Arvest often has the challenge of acclimating new customers. Virtual agent technology offers an effective approach to providing targeted support to these newly acquired customers.

Just about everyone finds change unsettling. It’s especially nerve wracking when the bank you’ve grown accustomed to is taken over and you’re forced to learn new systems and processes. Based on the press release, it looks like Arvest management has made a commitment to help ease the transition of these new customers by providing IntelliResponse virtual agent technology on the Arvest website.

According to the press release, banking customers will be able to interact with an intelligent virtual agent 24/7. I’m assuming that IntelliResponse will work with Arvest to prepare a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and perhaps provide the agent with access to existing data sources. Having a virtual agent available to walk them through the transition process will most likely be reassuring to many customers.

IntelliResponse has a patented core technology that apparently enables its virtual agents to understand the broader context of a question, even if the question is asked in different ways. This helps the agent return a more direct response that best addresses the real intent of the inquiry.

The press release also indicates that customers can be escalated to a live human support agent if the virtuel agent is unable to assist them. We look forward to seeing Arvest’s new virtual support agent in action.

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