Incredible Labs Launches the “Donna” Mobile Personal Assistant

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 7.48.23 PMTechcrunch reported today that Incredible Labs released Donna, a new mobile personal assistant for the iOS platform. Donna is apparently named after the sharp and effective Senior Assistant / Chief of Staff Donna Moss from the West Wing TV series. This mobile personal assistant’s forte appears to be helping you manage and keep your appointments. She not only has access to your calendar to remind you where you’re supposed to be at any given time, but she combines this knowledge with other information to always keep you one step ahead. When traffic is heavy, Donna can give you a heads up that you’ll need to leave early for your dinner appointment to be on time. She can dial into a teleconference for you when you’re running late, or check the weather and prompt you to take an umbrella if you’re next meeting requires outdoor travel. Donna can also learn about your personal habits and factor those into how she assists you.

It’s not completely clear how Donna exceeds the capabilities of other mobile personal assistants, such as Google Now. But there’s plenty of room for expansion in the newly emerging mobile personal assistant market. Check out Donna for yourself.

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