BlabDroid on Kickstarter

BlabDroidHere’s yet another Kickstarter campaign that may be of interest to the chatbot and virtual agent crowd. The BlabDroid isn’t a real conversational agent. All it can do is ask questions in a child’s voice and then gleefully stand by and wait for an answer. But it has an uncanny way of connecting with people and pulling out their deepest, darkest secrets.

BlabDroid is outfitted with filmmaking tools and was originally built to shoot short documentaries. It uses the recorded voice of a 7-year old boy and its cuddly appearance to worm its way into the heart of subjects. It then makes a short movie about them as they respond to the questions, most of which are deeply personal.

If you pledge at the right level, you can get your very own BladDroid. It would be interesting to see the little robot outfitted with a more capable conversational system. At the very least, though, it shows the potential for new frontiers in human to computer interfaces and relationships.

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