A Little Birdie Told Me – NLP Mines Book Recommendations From Twitter

ParakeetsImagine this. You crawl into bed at night and drift off into a deep sleep. While you’re floating through dreamland, your ever wakeful personal virtual agent is sifting through hundreds and hundreds of twitter feeds to find out what books people are talking about. Not only is the agent smart enough to know when a tweet mentions a book title, it can also surmise from the tweet context whether the comment about the book is positive or negative.

You wake up in the morning, shuffle into the kitchen, and find a fresh pot of coffee already made.

“What’s new today?” you ask your personal virtual agent.

“It’s a lovely day,” it responds. “You don’t have any meetings until noon. And I found  three books that I think you’d really be interested in reading. Would you like to see them?”

It might not be long before this scenario becomes reality. Parakweet is a new company that has launched several Twitter information mining products. One of the products is called Bookvi.be and it uses natural language processing technology to parse and comprehend tweets about books. The same technology is also used to gather together movie recommendations. The technology challenges that Parakweet has overcome aren’t trivial. Lots and lots of people tweet about books. But how can a NLP agent really detect if what they’re saying about the book is positive or negative? Parakweet CEO Ramesh Haridas says that their technology has tackled this challenge.

Users can sign up for a Bookvi.be account and have book recommendations sent to them. It remains to be seen how long it’ll be before the technology is integrated into a coffee-making intelligent personal agent!

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