Broadcast Talking Heads of Your Favorite Celebs

HeadcastLabThere’s a lot of potential for virtual avatars. A recent Techcrunch article described HeadcastLab, the makers of Headcast branded avatars for popular personalities.

The idea behind the Headcast is that avid fans will be interested in getting updates from a lively avatar version of their favorite celebrity. Media stars and other well-known persons can work with HeadcastLab to create cute, cartoon-like images of themselves.

Once these avatars are ready for prime time, the real live star can record pithy tweet-like communications and broadcast them out to followers. Instead of just getting a few dry lines of text, the fan community can watch a pleasing cartoon version of their idol talk to them as if they were skyping with a pal.

The first guinea pig celebrity is Stephen Fry, a British actor, author, and television personality.

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