Aivo Virtual Agents on Facebook

LuigiI recently had an opportunity to try out several of Aivo’s virtual agents on Facebook. Aivo is a company offering virtual agent technology for the customer support segment. They call their product AgentBot and the technology is available on multiple channels, including social media platforms. Two AgentBots are available to chat with from Aivo’s Facebook page.

One of the virtual agents is Luigi, a virtual spokesperson for the Fiat brand in Argentina. I like how Luigi is available as an app from the Aivo page. Just click on the app and a special page appears within Facebook with an image of Luigi, a list of frequently asked questions, and a dialogue box that invites you to ask about Fiat cars and services in Argentina. The fact that you can chat with the agent without leaving Facebook is a big plus. You can converse with Luigi in Spanish. My Spanish is pretty nonexistent, but I was impressed with Luigi’s ability to understand and respond to my questions. I asked Luigi how much a Fiat costs. I expected some sort of vague response. Instead, Luigi asked me to select from a list of Fiat models. Once I’d selected the model, I was presented with an image of the car and a base price. I also got a list of options and other features.

Another very social feature of the Luigi Agentbot app is the user’s ability to rate each of the agent’s responses with a thumbs up or thumbs down. If you choose a thumbs down, you can be more precise about the reason for the down vote. All of this information is presumably funneled back into the database to help make Luigi smarter over time.

Sofia is another AgentBot representing Telefonica. She’s available to speak with from the Telefonica Facebook page. Her chat interface is also embedded within Facebook so that the user doesn’t have to exit the Facebook landscape to engage in a conversation. I started a chat session with Sofia, but my Spanish was so lame that she quickly realized I needed special attention. She seemed to try to refer me to a live chat support agent.  She also presented me with a form that I could fill out in order to get a call back from a customer service rep.

Virtual agents that can engage with customers from within the social channels they frequent can be very compelling. These Aivo AgentBots are a good example of virtual agents designed for social spaces.

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