IntelliResponse VOICES in Action

Earlier this week I wrote about IntelliResponse’s launch of their VOICES analytical product. I now have some updated screen captures of VOICE in action.  Click on the image of each screen to see an expanded view.

This first bubble screen shows an overview of the common themes that VOICES has picked up from customer conversations with IntelliResponse virtual agents. Based on the size of the bubble, you can see at a glance that debit cards has been a top topic with customers for about the past six months. Customers were also inquiring a lot about mortgage rates, medical insurance, and other related topics during that time.


Bubble Dashboard with Customer Themes

The second screen shot shows how you can zero in on a specific time slice. During that short time window, some completely new themes popped up. In particular, customers inquired a lot about their account number. This might be an indication that something changed with customer account numbers during that time. It’s certainly something that you’d want to investigate further to find out why the account number topic suddenly became so prevalent.


Snapshot of Increasing and Decreasing Theme Prevalence

The third screen shows a drill down view of a specific theme. This view lets you learn more about what customers were asking when they made inquiries related to a specific topic–in this case travel rewards. Based on the questions, we discover that customers are interested in credit cards that let them earn travel rewards. This information is gleaned from real customer conversations, so it’s presumably more reliable than data that could be collected from a survey. This would be interesting data for the product development and/or marketing teams.


Drill Down Into Each Theme for Content

There are many data filtering options available in VOICES that aren’t shown here, but the screen shots give you a good general feel for the tool’s capabilities. There’s undeniable intelligence locked up in the conversations that customers have with virtual agents across all web self-service channels. It will be interesting to observe how IntelliResponse’s merger of virtual agents, customer conversations, and analytics takes hold in the marketplace and is leveraged by organizations.

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