Voicesphere Points to Personalized Digital Assistants

VoicesphereAt Techcrunch Disrupt Berlin 2013 today, two recent high school grads from Germany presented Voicesphere, an android app that let’s you add voice control to other apps. The app uses Google technology for voice recognition and a custom built natural language processing engine. While Voicesphere isn’t a virtual agent, its goal is to allow the user to voice enable common functions available from mobile devices. I could see this type of tool being expanded so that users could easily cobble together their own personal assistant that they can control with voice commands.

Some of the apps available out of the box on Voicesphere are Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, Dropbox, Techcrunch, and Weather apps. The duo demoed a user interface that allows you to voice enable new apps that aren’t part of the platform. What if you could set up Voicesphere so that a voice prompt could bring back your key info, like updates to your timeline, stock price updates, songs you want played, photos you’re trying to find on Instagram?

The future of virtual agent technology might lie in tools like Voicesphere that help us to integrate all the key apps and functions we use into a single voice controlled interface. We’d basically be building and then training our our personalized intelligent assistant.

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