Coming Soon: Next-Generation Virtual Assistants

New frontiersInformationWeek recently posted a commentary about the promise of artificial intelligence technologies.  The author Lars Hard zeroed in on three areas that CIOs and Information Technology pros can leverage to address today’s business challenges. The three areas are e-commerce product recommendations, vertical search, and virtual assistants / virtual agents.

As far as virtual assistants go, Lars is of the opinion that Siri, Google Now, and other popular personal digital assistants are currently at the low end of the maturity curve. But he believes that these technologies hold incredible promise. What do they have going for them? Virtual agents have the ability to help companies establish a true bond with their customers. Today that bond might be somewhat limited. But the race is on to create what Lars refers to as the “next-generation virtual assistant.” What will that next generation look like?

In the not too distant future, our virtual agents will understand us. They’ll pay attention to our habits and preferences. They’ll use that information to predict what we need before we even think to ask for it. It’s this predictive reasoning that will give virtual assistants the ability to help us choose the products we want and answer the questions we have. Companies need to stay on top of the emerging technology. They should explore ways to integrate intelligent agents into their customer service platforms.  Companies that understand how to leverage that capability to build deeper customer connections will excel beyond the competition. It’s time to get started.

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