EmoSpark – A Personal A.I. Console Dedicated to Your Happiness

EmoSpark is an Android-powered smart cube that’s offered under a current Indiegogo campaign. I watched the EmoSpark campaign video and was impressed with the full range of its features. The product seems to be a mobile personal assistant as well as a physical cube. When you’re on the go, you can interact with the EmoSpark assistant via your smartphone or other iOS or Android device. When you’re at home, you can talk to a cube that’s connected to other smart devices via WiFi.

EmoSparkPatrick Levy Rosenthal, Founder and CEO of EmoSpark, describes the technology as an emotional intelligence. Based on the video, EmoSpark is programmed to sense and appropriately react to the user’s emotional state. In one segment of the campaign video, the assistant EmoSpark helps to cheer up a young lady who’s boyfriend is late to pick her up. In another segment, the EmoSpark brain plays with a little girl’s toy to add some fun to an otherwise dull evening at home.

The platform also appears to be conversational. The technical specs in the Indiegogo project description indicate that “EmoSpark has a conversational engine of over 2 million lines of data.” That seems to point to the fact that its conversational abilities are based in large part on pattern matching and/or keyword matching.

EmoSpark is also connected to Freebase and can answer most “What is” or “Who is” questions (in the same way that a BOT Libre chatbot can do this, as I described in a recent post).

The Indiegogo page claims that EmoSpark can sense emotion in the speaker. It goes even further to describe a complex technology that allows the EmoSpark to develop an “Emotional Profile Graph.” This graph gathers and stores information about emotions and emotional associations. Each EmoSpark can connect via the internet to a cloud of other EmoSparks and they can share and learn from each other’s emotional associations.

EmoSpark aims to be an open platform that will lure in developers to create new games and apps. For example, developers could tap into EmoSpark to infuse other physical or virtual objects with its intelligence. Since EmoSpark uses URBI, the universal robot language, a 3rd party app could power a URBI-based robot with EmoSpark’s conversational and emotional capabilities.

The EmoSpark concept is impressive. It’s yet another example of just how incredibly active the area of smart personal assistants (and associated artificial intelligence technologies) is at present. There’s so much creativity and progress in these technologies that it’s hard to keep up. If you’re interested in finding out more about EmoSpark or maybe in being an early adopter of the technology, head over to Indiegogo to find out more.

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