Cortana Demo Released – Does It Look like “Her”?

Cortana and Her.jpgThe Verge reported that a demo of Microsoft’s digital personal assistant Cortana for Windows 8.1 was released today. Cortana is represented by a circular spinning sphere image that looks remarkably similar to the image used in Spike Jonze’s Her movie to represent the intelligent operating system Samantha. Is the similarity just a coincidence, I wonder? Another similarity: as part of the set-up process, the system asks you personal questions so that it can learn more about you.

In the demo, Cortana doesn’t ask about your relationship with your mother(!), but it does appear to ask what you like to do, what you enjoy reading, and what your culinary preferences are. It has you choose from among a list of multiple choice answers for each question. Cortana presumably stores your responses in the Notebook feature that The Verge reported on in an earlier article and that we wrote about last week in the “privacy fence” post.

According to The Verge, Microsoft will officially launch the Cortana mobile personal assistant in April at their Build conference. You can see some still shots of Cortana by checking out this Verge post from earlier today.

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