Open Interoperability Standards for the Internet of Things

IoTAn IBM press release reported that a recently formed consortium is aiming to develop open interoperability standards for the Internet of Things. Founding members of the consortium include AT&T, Cisco, General Electric, IBM, and Intel.

The press release refers to the “Industrial Internet,” which I take to mean an ecosystem of connected devices that each accomplish specialized tasks in different industrial domains. The group calls itself the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and it strives to connect more of the physical world with the Internet and establish a “plug and play” capability for devices and technologies.

Stacey Higginbotham writes on Gigaom that the IIC might be busting up the All Seen Alliance party that’s underway at the invitation of Qualcomm and others. These technology companies are already working on standards for the consumer side of connected devices. The standards are currently based on Qualcomm’s AllJoyn protocol, which they turned over to the Linux Foundation for further development. Are they being closed out from the IIC, which might be pushing a competing agenda? It all bears paying attention to.

Something tells me that intelligent assistants will play a role in this broadly connected world of the future. Earlier this week I wrote about Apple’s patent for “Method and apparatus for building an intelligent automated assistant.” To work effectively and gather input from a variety of different sensors and devices, intelligent assistants will benefit from open standards as well. It’ll be interesting to see if the IIC, or some other community, starts to explore open operability standards for virtual agent technologies.

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