SecondEGO – A New Option for Creating a Virtual Agent for Your Business

SecondEGOAmebis recently launched SecondEGO, their new chatbot /  virtual agent platform. The SecondEGO platform is aimed at businesses that want to create a virtual customer assistant for their website.

SecondEGO operates on a freemium model. The basic free version allows you to create a virtual agent that answers up to 500 questions a month. For $29/month the number of answers you get increases to 900 and you have access to additional features, including triggers, full analytics, and priority support. Triggers allow you to control what actions or questions will activate the agent and get it to interact with customers. For example, you might set a trigger that has your virtual agent ask “Can I help you find something?” if the user has visited more than 3 different web pages on your site.

For $69/month, you get 2,500 answers a month and intelligent website text search. The intelligent web search allows your virtual agent to connect to your website and find the answers to unscripted questions that your customers might ask. SecondEgo folks tell me that they recently added a feature that helps the virtual agent track down keywords on your website even when the user doesn’t know exactly what they’re looking for.

I put the Second Ego platform through its paces by creating a couple of virtual agents. SecondEGO offers a clean user interface. It’s fairly easy and intuitive to use. As with similar platforms, there’s no AIML scripting necessary. You have the ability to train the bot by adding your own patterns with questions and answers. Each question can have multiple variations and each answer can as well. You can also categorize your patterns.

When creating the bot you can select from several different languages, including English, French, German, and Slovenian. If you choose German, for example, Wikipedia looks up the question in German and responds in German.

When you first set up your chatbot, you have the option of connecting to different pre-existing knowledge modules. These modules include a link to Wikipedia for factual answers. There’s also a Personality module,  a General Knowledge module that includes jokes, basic Chat, and Fillers (generic replies to unknown questions). I wasn’t sure how to see or edit the contents of these modules, but there may be a way. My guess is that the SecondEgo team will continue to add content modules.

SecondEGO seems to be competing with platforms like, Bot Libre!. I’ve tried all of those platforms and I think any of them could be a great fit for a small to medium-sized business that wants to add a virtual customer assistant to their website. All three platforms offer free basic models. SecondEGO and Chatbot4u offer premium services that let you bump up functionality for a fee.

One advantage that the Chatbot4u platform seems to have over the current SecondEGO site is the ability for follow-up questions. With the Business package, Chatbot4u offers a depth of 5 follow-up questions. Giving your virtual agent the ability to ask follow up questions makes the conversation much more natural and engaging. Here’s an example:

  • Person: How old are you?
  • Bot: I was created 2 years ago. What month were you born in?
  • Person: <any answer>
  • Bot: No kidding?! That’s when I was born too! Do you like birthday cake?
  • Person: <any answer>
  • Bot: I love cake. I could eat cake all day long.

These follow-up questions on the same topic create the illusion that the chatbot has a real brain. It would be even more effective if there was a way to distinguish between different responses, as you can do when using AIML. Here would be an example:

  • Person: How old are you?
  • Bot: I was created 2 years ago. What month were you born in?
  • Person: January
  • Bot: Are you a Capricorn or an Aquarius?
  • Person: Aquarius
  • Bot: Here’s today’s horoscope for Aquarius…..

It appears that the team behind SecondEGO is eager to expand the platform, so these types of extended features may be available in the future. In the meantime, if you’re interested in improving customer service by adding a helpful virtual agent to your website, you might give SecondEGO a try and see if meets your needs.

One thought on “SecondEGO – A New Option for Creating a Virtual Agent for Your Business

  1. Thank you for your review of our SecondEGO.

    Just to add something – we have the ability for follow-up questions, but at this moment this feature isn’t available on the website. Many features are available just for custom solutions at this moment.

    For readers of this interesting webpage – please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

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