Is the Apple Watch the Killer App Siri’s Been Waiting On?

When Apple finally unveiled the long anticipated Apple Watch this week, Siri came along for the ride. With the general disillusionment over Apple’s intelligent assistant, it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that the company would include Siri in their first flagship wearable product. But Siri is baked into the watch and it appears “she’ll” be able to do pretty much what she’s been able to do from the iPhone platform since her appearance with the 4s.

Apple Watch with SiriCould the Apple Watch give new life to Siri? I’m thinking it might just do that. We’re all so adept now at typing on our smartphone keyboards and browsing, reading, and generally interacting with our touch screens that, truth be told, we rarely need to use our voices to ask Siri (or Google Now, or Cortana) for help.

But what will happen when we’re wearing a watch? What if we’re so comfortable with the watch that we leave our phone in our purse or in our briefcase, and what if we want to send a text to a friend? If Siri’s reliable enough to listen to us dictate our message and shoot it off to our friend, are we going to bypass that option to stop, dig out our phone, and type out a message? Maybe. Old habits die hard. But if Siri can do it for us, I’m thinking we might rely on her more and more.

Once we start relying on Siri to write and send our messages from our watch, we may begin to ask her to update our calendar, or reserve a dinner table, or buy flowers for a friend, or recommend a good movie, or tell us how to rebook a flight if the one we’re waiting on just got canceled (once she’s able to do such things). Heck, she’s right there and it’s a lot easier than fooling with our phone.

There used to be lots of talk about killer apps. Are wearables the killer app that intelligent assistants have been waiting on? Wait; that analogy doesn’t really make sense. What I mean to say is: Are wearables the killer platform that will bring intelligent assistants into the mainstream? I guess we won’t find out until sometime in 2015.

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