3 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Enterprise Intelligent Assistant

Measure successIn the last blog post, I wrote about 3 characteristics of highly effective enterprise intelligent assistants. As you think about deploying intelligent assistant / virtual agent technology in your own business, or as you seek to gauge the effectiveness of your existing self-service systems, here are 3 additional areas to think about.


If you’re using a personified intelligent assistant as a self-service channel, the assistant is essentially representing your brand. Giving your virtual agent a name and personality that fits your business could mean the difference between an engaging experience and one that falls flat.

At the very least, intelligent assistants with an engaging persona:

  • Display a personality either visually or through speech
  • Show some spunk
  • Respond to basic greetings and small talk
  • Represent your brand with a brand-related flair

Business Value 

You probably prepared a business case before implementing your enterprise intelligent assistant. You’ll want to periodically check how you’re doing and whether you’re meeting your objectives. You’ll have specific metrics to measure, such as call deflection rates and reduction in abandoned shopping carts. Here are some more general ways to measure the overall business value that your company is getting from the web self-service technology.

HIghly effective intelligent assistants with a high business value:

  • Are fully deployed to external customers
  • Provide meaningful and necessary services to customers (beyond just answering FAQs)
  • Are obviously used and appear in more prominent locations on your website
  • Have capabilities that are key to the company’s business and/or very important to the customer
  • Have highly rated mobile apps (where mobile apps are available)
  • Do not compete with other, more easily accessible self-service options


Intelligent assistant technologies, including speech recognition, natural language processing, conversational skills, and user interfaces are all developing at astonishing rates. How do you measure how innovative your intelligent assistant is? The only way I know to keep pace is to remain aware of what’s in the marketplace. Are other companies, and perhaps even your competitors, deploying virtual agents on mobile apps, while your agent is only on your website? Do other companies have virtual agents that handle multiple languages, but yours understands only English? Is it time to revamp your user interface to take advantage of more intuitive, mobile-friendly technologies?

Truly innovative intelligent assistants:

  • Display features and technologies that go above and beyond those of other intelligent assistants currently available in the marketplace

Intelligent assistant technologies are developing rapidly. They can offer your business real, measurable value. If you haven’t taken the leap yet, it’s time to get started. If you’re already benefiting from enterprise intelligent assistants, stay apprised of new developments and implementation ideas to continue to enjoy your competitive advantage.

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