Dom from Domino’s Stars in His Own TV Spot

Back in August, I wrote about Dom, the intelligent pizza ordering assistant embedded in the Domino’s Pizza app. Dom was one of three winners of the Intelligent Assistants Award presented at Opus Research’s 1st Annual Intelligent Assistants Conference held in mid-September. If you saw my previous blog post about 3 Characteristics of Highly Effective Intelligent Assistants, Dom is a great example of an assistant that performs well in all three categories.

DomEarlier this month, Domino’s released a TV commercial that showcases Dom and his voice-assisted ordering features. If you haven’t seen the ad yet, take a moment to watch it now. What I really like about the commercial is the way it pokes fun at Dom’s single-minded focus. It also hints at how much we’ve come to rely on our speech-enabled intelligent assistants.

You get a strong sense of Dom’s light-hearted personality in the TV spot, a personality that represents the pizza maker’s brand very well. The Dom ad made me realize that intelligent assistants (even specialized, branded assistants) have gone mainstream and they’re part of our world. There’s no turning back. Now if I could only get Dom to help me choose between a Honolulu Hawaiian and a Pacific Veggie pizza. Hmmm.

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