Another Free Chatbot Platform for Kicking the Tires

In the past I’ve written about platforms that enable you to create and operate chatbots at no cost. Some of the platforms I’ve covered include Pandorabots, BOT Libre!, and SecondEgo.

rebot.meAnother free chatbot platform is I gave a quick spin and found it to be straightforward and easy to use for building a simple chatbot. The platform allows you to create a chatbot and train it by entering questions and corresponding answers. It also offers a chat log so that you can see the results of previous conversations. That’s basically it.

The business applications for a chatbot will be limited. It might work for a bot that is tightly focused on a narrow domain of possible topics. If you a need virtual agent / intelligent assistant that only has to answer a limited range of questions that can be easily anticipated, then the platform might be viable for you.

A good fit for a chatbot might be as the virtual hostess or host on a local restaurant’s website. The chatbot could be trained each day to answer questions about the daily specials, for example. After all, how hard can it be to rattle off an answer to the question: “What are today’s specials?” Of course, you’ll need to remember to update the information every day. A restaurant owner might also want to teach the bot to answer FAQs, such as “Do you have any gluten free choices?” I bet that question comes up more and more these days.

Once you’ve created a virtual agent bot on the platform, your choices for operating that bot are currently limited. There are no APIs for adding your bot to social media sites, for example. But you can easily add the chatbot to your website by copying and pasting a few lines of code. Customers will be able to interact with your chatbot from your website, but will be hosting the bot on its own servers. Right now there is no fee for hosting.

As with and some of the other free platforms, looks to be primarily the playground of hobbyists and, if the bulk of the chatbots are any indication, adolescents. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider the platform if you’re just starting to experiment with how a virtual agent might add value to your small business.

Before you jump headlong into building a chatbot-based virtual agent and tirelessly typing out question and answer pairs, check out my article on Lessons from Shopping for Virtual Assistants on the Opus Research website. It has some tips that might give you a better overview of the types of solutions available.

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