Siri Co-Founder Dag Kittlaus Talks About Viv Technology

Dag Kittlaus, CEO and co-founder of Viv Labs, gave an interview recently in which he shared thoughts on the future of intelligent personal assistants. He also talked about the next generation intelligent assistant currently under development at Viv Labs. You can read my guest blog post on Opus Research to get a summary of the interview.

Neural NetworksI found Kittlaus’s reference to his company’s patent on “A Cognitive Architecture and Marketplace for Dynamically Evolving Systems” particularly interesting. The gist of the patented idea seems to be that an intelligent assistant must have the ability to satisfy needs that it can’t predict in advance.  In order to do this, the underlying technology has to be able to generate programs on the fly.

These programs would coordinate the execution of tasks to retrieve information, perform a transaction, or do whatever the user has asked the intelligent assistant to do. In many cases, fulfilling the user’s intent will entail finding and executing services provided by third-parties. But the assistant will have the ability to do this in a seamless way.

The patent documentation contains many more interesting details and is worth a look for those interested in intelligent personal assistant technologies.


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