Mobile Voice Conference 2015 Presentations Available

A few weeks ago, I wrote a brief synopsis of the AVIOS-sponsored Mobile Voice Conference 2015, which occurred from April 20-21 in San Jose, CA. There were many excellent sessions at the conference on all aspects of speech recognition, natural language processing, intelligent assistants, and technologies supporting the Internet of Things. If you missed the conference, or even if you were able to attend, you now have access to the presentations.

Mobile Voice ConferenceThe AVIOS team has recently made the Mobile Voice Conference 2015 speaker presentations available online. Accessing the slides won’t give the full experience of each session. Many of the speakers used video or voice clips to augment the visual material. And of course the slides themselves can’t convey all the nuanced information that the speakers related to the onsite audience.

Even with these shortcomings in mind, the presentation materials provide a great resource. For those who weren’t able to attend the conference, hopefully the content will whet your appetite to attend the Mobile Voice Conference 2016.

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