Expect Labs’ MindMeld Powers Voice-Enabled Apple Watch App

I first wrote about Expect Labs over a year and a half ago, when their MindMeld speech recognition and natural language processing technology drove an innovative social listening app tied into Facebook. Since that time, Expect Labs has pivoted their offering into a voice-focused Software as a Service.

Fetch Apple Watch AppMindMeld now provides app owners and developers with what Expect Labs calls an intelligent voice interface. MindMeld uses semantic mapping technology to create a knowledge graph of the application’s content. It then uses the graph to improve the accuracy of its NLP engine in understanding precisely what users are asking when they talk to a voice-enabled interface.

A recent article in Macworld reported on Fetch’s use of the MindMeld service to power their mobile concierge app. Fetch makes it easier for you to buy the things you need by easily connecting you to specialists and personal shoppers. Users can tell Fetch what they need, from a plane ticket to an order of flowers and chocolate for a significant other, and the app will set the wheels in motion to have a specialist fill the request quickly and painlessly.

Now that Fetch has partnered with MindMeld, they’ve been able to create a voice-enabled app that’s optimized for the Apple Watch. Fetch users can use voice commands for on-demand concierge services right from the Watch.

The MacWorld articles cites Expect Labs data showing that people spend 60% of their online time on mobile devices. In contrast, only 10% of purchases are made from mobile devices. In the article, Tim Tuttle, CEO and founder of Expect Labs, voices the opinion that this discrepancy could be accounted for in the current complexity of carrying out purchases from the mobile device form factor.

Intelligent voice-enabled interfaces, like those made possible by MindMeld, are aiming to simplify our interactions with mobile devices. If Fetch’s MindMeld-powered Apple Watch app is any indication, voice interfaces will transform our wearables and smart phones into the personal assistants we’ve always dreamed of. The age of voice is here, and Expect Labs is well-positioned to fuel the positive transition to intelligent natural language interfaces. To see more examples of MindMeld’s technology in action, check out the Expect Labs’ demo page.


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