Intelligent Personal Assistants – Destined for the Enterprise?

We’ve grown accustomed to the many ways intelligent personal assistants help us in our day-to-day lives. Many of us rely heavily on voice-driven commands for initiating basic web searches, making calls, dictating texts, setting reminders and timers, playing music from our favorite artists, and more. We’ve also come to expect helpful cards giving us information we need about traffic, airline flights, hotel confirmation numbers, and package tracking, to name but a few.

Intelligent Assistants in the EnterpriseWhat happens when we start relying on personal assistants to help us perform better at our jobs? Today I published a guest post on the Opus Research website called “How Google, Apple, and Microsoft Are Building Intelligent Assistants for the Enterprise.

Do enterprise “personal” assistants have the ability to give employees who use them a leg up over those who don’t? Could the right intelligent assistant play the role of a wingman that propels your career to the next level?

Join the conversation on this and other related topics on the “Intelligent Assistants Developers and Implementers” group at LinkedIn.

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