Tractica Foresees Strong Growth in Intelligent Assistants

Tractica, a  market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology, has published a report on what they term digital virtual assistants. In the report, Tractica examines both the consumer and enterprise markets.

Digital BrainI don’t have access to the full report, but I reviewed the table of contents and read a press release that described the contents. Tractica predicts strong growth in the overall intelligent assistant space. The way in which they measure the growth is interesting.

The press release states that Tractica predicts that intelligent assistants will become integrated into 3.3 billion consumer devices by 2020, up from 821 million in 2014. I’m assuming that the 821 million isn’t referring to 821 different products, but 821 instances of the products that have intelligent assistants.

A report in CNET from May stated that 94 million iPhones were in use in the U.S. at the end of March 2015, so it’s not hard to imagine that there are currently at least 821 million devices with intelligent assistants worldwide. An expansion of that number to 3.3 billion in five years sounds reasonable. Especially when you consider all the various functional domains where intelligent assistants are already in use, it seems a safe bet that the number will increase significantly.

In the consumer space, the report  takes a closer look at Speaktoit’s Assistant, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Google Now, and Apple Siri.

Tractica also examines intelligent assistants across Banking and Finance, Education, Government, Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Utilities Telecom, and other verticals. They take an in-depth look at enterprise intelligent assistants from Next IT, IPSoft, AVST, GetAbby (Eidoserve), and Nuance. In addition, they cover 27 key industry players across both the consumer and the enterprise markets.

The report also notes areas of improvement that are needed to help intelligent assistants reach a wider audience and fulfill their potential. The improvement areas include better consumer education and “seamless handover between assistants.”

You can find out more about the report or order a full copy from the Tractica website.

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