Opus Research Publishes Intelligent Assistant Guide for Decision Makers

Opus Research has published an insightful new report on intelligent assistants. The report, called “Decision-Maker’s Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants,” focuses on customer-facing self-service technologies.

Opus Research ReportIn the report, Dan Miller, Opus Research Lead Analyst and Founder, starts out with a brief look at how the intelligent assistant phenomenon is permeating both consumer-facing and enterprise solutions. End users of all types are now accustomed to voice-driven, connected, predictive assistants and expectations for the technology are growing.

Miller goes on to offer deep insights into specific capabilities enterprise intelligent assistants need in order to rise to the top. Miller calls these attributes the “Eight Characteristics of Highly Intelligent Assistants.” Miller’s characteristics of success aren’t what you might expect. Features such as super speech recognition, strong natural language processing, and deep knowledgebases, are all basic operational requirements these days.

What truly distinguishes the most effective intelligent assistant solutions, according to Miller, are other areas of focus and capabilities. You’ll need to read the full report to get the benefit of Miller’s insights. As a teaser, though, I’ll say that Miller expects the most highly effective enterprise assistants to engage customers on their preferred platforms, integrate seamlessly with existing customer support infrastructure, and provide plenty of data to convince management of their effectiveness.

The second half of the report takes a deep dive look at 13 enterprise intelligent assistant providers. Miller examines each vendor’s core technology and intelligent assistant solutions. He cites examples of each provider’s notable customer implementations and lists overall differentiators. Miller also evaluates how each vendor’s solutions rate with regard to some of the characteristics that he deems to be particularly important for success.

The Opus Research report definitely lives up to its name. If you’re in the market for an enterprise intelligent assistant for your company, or even if you’re just starting to research customer self-service options, you don’t want to miss this Decision-Maker’s Guide.

If you’re interested in an up-close and personal look at intelligent assistants, you should also consider attending Opus Research’s Intelligent Assistants Conference, scheduled to take place in New York City from October 13-14, 2015. You’ll hear how real companies have leveraged enterprise intelligent assistants to improve customer experience and achieve key performance indicators.

If you’re already using an enterprise intelligent assistant, there’s still time to enter your solution in the 2nd Annual Intelligent Assistants Awards. If your entry qualifies, you’ll even receive two complimentary passes to the conference.

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