Nuance Launches Enhancements to Nina Intelligent Assistant Platform

Nuance made several exciting announcements at the recent SpeechTek event about enhancements to their existing multi-channel customer self-service and intelligent assistant tools and platforms. In a discussion with Greg Pal, Vice President of Marketing, Strategy & Business Development of Nuance’s Enterprise Division, I was able to gain a deeper insight into these newly launched capabilities.

Nuance Experience Studio

Nuance NinaCustomers of Nuance’s Nina intelligent assistant can leverage the new Experience Studio to expand Nina’s capabilities and deploy their self-service assistant across other channels, such as mobile or social. The Experience Studio includes authoring tools for extending Nina’s knowledge repository with industry-specific or company-specific information. Nuance Experience Studio also includes learning models. Customers can construct new learning models that power their intelligent assistant with additional capabilities.

Automation Assist

Nuance has integrated human assistance into the Nina intelligent assistant platform. By selectively engaging live agents to help decipher more complex customer conversations, Automation Assist makes it possible for the self-service platform to be used more broadly with high rates of success. The role of live agents is to help close knowledge or comprehension gaps that stump the automated assistant. Over time, though, the assistant leverages learning models and expanded knowledge bases to close these gaps.

Two-Way SMS with NLU Automation

The unstoppable popularity of SMS text communications, and its expansion into the customer service domain, hasn’t slipped by Nuance unnoticed. In an exciting move, Nuance has added natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities to its real-time two-way SMS solution. Prior to the inclusion of NLU, two-way SMS communications were limited to very simple interactions that had binary “yes/no” responses. But what if a customer responds with “sure thing” or “my Dad is the one who pays the phone bill so you should call him?” NLU can make sense of these free form responses, drastically expanding the use cases where the two-way SMS communication can be applied.

I also spoke to Pal briefly about the Nuance and USAA partnership in creating the recently launched USAA Savings Coach. As I wrote in a previous post, I really like the idea behind the Savings Coach. Pal said that Nuance has been exploring how to evolve virtual assistants into virtual advisors.

I wrote briefly in a previous post about how Nuance and USAA included gamification concepts into the Savings Coach. Pal emphasized that to make a virtual advisor successful, you have to come up with creative ways to proactively engage the user and help them work towards achieving their goals. It’s all about understanding what the customer hopes to accomplish and helping them do that.

Nuance continues to be at the forefront of implementing multi-channel customer self-service technologies. All of their recently launched product additions help to increase the value of the Nina intelligent assistant platform and lower the total cost of ownership for customers.

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