Intelligent Assistant Landscape

Dan Miller, Opus Research Lead Analyst & Founder, published an article this week in Venture Beat on the broad intelligent assistant environment. Miller included a graphical “Intelligent Assistant Landscape” that provides context for both the underlying technologies as well as the solution categories of intelligent assistance.

Voice Enable.jpgMiller identifies the key technological underpinnings for intelligent assistants as NLP, machine learning, and semantic search, as well as speech and conversational analytics. He also cites the foundational nature of conversational technologies such as speech processing, text and chatbots, avatars, and face and gesture recognition.

Several major categories of solutions leverage these foundational technologies. Each grouping addresses the needs of different users and varying use cases. Miller identifies the primary categories of intelligent assistance as:

  • Mobile and personal assistants
  • Personal advisors
  • Virtual agents and customer assistants
  • Employee assistants

Opus Research projects that the market for customer-facing virtual agents  / customer assistants will grow from generating $200 million in revenue in 2014 to bringing in over $1 billion annually by 2020. Miller projects that within the next three years, the primary method for customers to seek support in the digital realm will be through intelligent assistants.

Read the full article for details on how the intelligent assistant market is growing, who the key players are, and to see which areas are attracting the bulk of the investment dollars. Opus Research hosts the Intelligent Assistants Conference 2015 next week in NYC.

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