Opus Research’s Intelligent Assistants Conference NYC Starts Today

The Intelligent Assistants conference NYC (#IACNYC), hosted by Opus Research, begins this afternoon at the W Hotel New York. This is the second conference hosted by Opus that is devoted entirely to exploring the business uses cases and cutting edge technologies comprising what Dan Miller of Opus calls “intelligent assistance.” The conference got off to a great start yesterday evening thanks to a rooftop networking event sponsored by Agentbot.

IACNYCWhat I especially enjoy about the format of this conference is the mix of customer case studies and panel discussions with industry luminaries. It’s extremely helpful and interesting to hear from customers about how they’ve implemented intelligent assistants and how they measure the value they gain from these solutions. You can always learn something from people who are using a product to generate real customer value.

At the same time, it’s great the hear from industry insiders about trends and predictions for the future of the space. Opus does a great job at assembling key players from the industry and making them feel comfortable enough to open up and share remarkable insights. The conference also offers an opportunity to stop by a small gathering of intelligent assistant providers and talk to them one-on-one about their capabilities and solutions.

Later this afternoon, Opus will announce the winners of this year’s Intelligent Assistant Awards (IAA). The judges will talk about the criteria they applied this year for scoring the entrants.

IACNYC is shaping up to be a great event. Check back here after the conference for a wrap up of some of the top takeaways.

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