Intelligent Assistants Conference NYC 2015 – Presentations

In case you missed it, Opus Research has posted content from the Intelligent Assistants Conference presentations.

IACNYCDan Miller’s presentation provides a great introduction to intelligent assistants, the IA Landscape, and how the market is maturing and user expectations are evolving.

Geraldine McBride’s keynote presentation addresses a core dilemma that intelligent assistant’s face. They need to be “hyperpersonal” in order to be truly effective. But people don’t want to lose control of their personal data and they don’t want companies pushing products on them without their consent. McBride proposes solutions to the dilemma.

There are great customer case studies by U.S. Bank, Telefonica, Ticketmaster International, BMW Financial Services that provide examples of how companies are leveraging intelligent assistants to better serve their customers.

Steve Hoover, CEO of PARC, a Xerox Company, gave a really intriguing presentation that took a broad look at what makes a good intelligent assistant. He also showed how artificial intelligence will enable IAs to aid humans in a broad range of scenarios in the near future.

And last but not least, you can see the winners of this year’s Intelligent Assistant Awards and look at the criteria used by the judges the contest.

Now isn’t this better than trying to read those fuzzy slide photos off of your phone or tablet? Enjoy!



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