FinUno Launches Intelligent Financial Assistant

At last week’s Intelligent Assistants Conference, FinUno, Inc. launched fin1, a financial advisor that leverages artificial intelligence. fin1 is a personalized virtual financial assistant that can help  average retail investors better achieve their investment goals.

fin1Rather than market fin1 directly to the retail investor, FinUno partners with financial institutions and they provide the intelligent platform as a benefit to their clients. fin1 is designed to enable financial advisors to better engage with their clients, while offering clients a powerful self-service option that gives them greater insight into and control over their portfolios.

The fin1 solution is built on Openstream’s enterprise virtual assistant platform. Leveraging the Openstream technology provides fin1 with lots of built-in capabilities. One of these features is multimodal engagement, meaning that users can engage with the their Eva financial assistant via text, voice, touch, or gestures. Another feature is a dashboard that can be easily personalized so that the user sees information based on his or her specific specific stock portfolio and trading interests.

The fin1 intelligent assistant provides actionable intelligence based on the client’s portfolio. For example, if Eva provides you with some breaking news about a stock that makes you want to buy it, then you can instruct Eva to initiate the trade. fin1 can also act as a collaboration platform where customers can receive tips and updates from their real (human) financial advisors.

fin1 seems to me to be a good example of a new generation of intelligent advisors. Some  characteristics these smart virtual advisors share include: deep knowledge of a specific domain, personalized info and advice based on knowledge of the customer, and the ability to execute transactions on the customer’s behalf. fin1 is designed to augment the human financial advisor, while providing the retail investor with a knowledgeable financial assistant that is always available.

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