MyWave Intelligent Assistant Cuts Your Utility Costs

Saveawatt, a utilities brokerage and consultancy, is about to offer utility customers in New Zealand a free personal digital assistant to help them save money on their utilities. The intelligent assistant, named Frank, was created by the technology company MyWave.

FrankBased on information available on the Saveawatt website, Frank looks like a very innovative and useful assistant. Frank isn’t designed as a self-service assistant to answer customer questions. Instead, he acts as a proactive utility rate advisor with the goal of finding you the best deal on the market.

Utility companies in New Zealand are deregulated, so their rates fluctuate to stay competitive. If you sign up to use Frank, the assistant tracks your power usage and your bill. Frank continually monitors rates and can proactively switch you to a different provider to take advantage of better rates. The Frank personal utility advisor is available on mobile, tablet or desktop.

We’re starting to see more intelligent assistants beef up their game to take on the role of intelligent advisors. Frank, the Saveawatt rate advisor, combines a voice-driven interface, access to data and analytics, and the ability to carry out transactions on behalf of the user. I believe this is the future direction of what Opus Research’s Dan Miller refers to as intelligent assistance.

In a recent announcement, MyWave completed a second round of venture capital funding. Geraldine McBride, MyWave founder and CEO, will be giving the opening Keynote at Opus Research’s Intelligent Assistant Conference next week.