Jacada Visual IVR Helps Customers Discover the Benefits of Self-Service

We’ve all seen the growing interest that companies have in engaging customers through SMS and messaging-based platforms. We also know the trend towards customer self-service, which brings benefits to both the customer and the companies that serve them. But how about leveraging the old-fashioned IVR call tree to nudge customers into a more satisfying self-service experience?

That’s exactly what Jacada, the Visual IVR provider, helped one of its large customers accomplish.

Visual IVRJacada recently sent me a thick deck chock full of data from various customer case studies. A large credit card company had deployed a very popular app that was getting high usage rates. But the company’s data showed a sizable percentage of customers still tended to call live support specialists. Further analysis indicated that the majority of people calling in for support had questions related to their account balance or billing questions.

Jacada came up with a creative approach to help these customers understand the benefits of self-service. When customers called into the bank’s IVR, they gave them the option of pressing 1 to transition into a Visual IVR experience. What started out as a customer service experience from the 20th Century suddenly transformed into a customer helping themselves by using their smartphone. Nice!

Within the first 3 months of its introduction, a whopping 25% of the IVR callers actually took the bait and switched into the Visual IVR session. 66% ranked the service as “very good” or “excellent.” And ultimately, 69% completed their service experience without engaging a human call agent. Those are significant results.

One of the things that I really like about Visual IVR is the way it can lead a person into a rich, user-friendly self-service experience without them even having to think about it. Another example from the Jacada case studies dealt with a postal service, The service is using Jacada to embed Visual IVR into SMS so that customers can track packages directly from a messaging session.

That kind of integration between a technology people are comfortable with (texting) with one they may not be as familiar with (self-service) is a good thing. It helps people discover the many benefits of self-service while enabling companies to meet their goal of lowering support costs. Everybody wins!

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