Joining the Opus Research Team!

Opus ResearchFor the past three years, I’ve been writing the Virtual Agent Chat blog in my spare time. My main goal was to learn as much as I could about the evolving world of intelligent assistants, both enterprise and personal assistants. I’ve been exploring the technologies, vendors, and market trends and providing my own perspective along the way.

The outstanding team at Opus Research was kind enough to invite me to participate in their pathfinding Intelligent Assistants Conferences and even to include me as a judge in their Intelligent Assistant Awards over the past two years. I’ve enjoyed learning from the insights of Dan Miller and Derek Top and publishing the occasional guest blog post on the Opus site.

With my recent retirement from federal service, the Opus Research team has invited me to join their team as an analyst. I’m glad to take them up on this opportunity and I really look forward to continuing to learn and write about the intelligent assistant space as an analyst for Opus.

While most of my blogging will happen on the Opus Research site, I’ll continue to post updates and links here. There’s lots to discover and discuss in this quickly evolving space. I hope you’ll join the conversation on the Opus site and on our various social media platforms. See you there!

4 thoughts on “Joining the Opus Research Team!

  1. Amy, Congratulations on your retirement from NASA, and in your new job at Opus Research!! Very cool subject matter: intelligent assistants. Between my phone and my Amazon Echo, not to mention my car, I’m often astounded at the capabilities out there. Anyway, I need to catch up by reading some of the posts on this blog site; and I look forward to seeing your upcoming articles with Opus. Best wishes Amy!! Bobby

      • I definitely try to cover some of the social aspects of voice technology and virtual assistants. The article makes some good points. I think the growing prevalence of voice-driven apps may make us less sensitive to overhearing people talk to their assistants, but only time will tell. We grew up before the age of mobile phones and I certainly remember how weird and even invasive I found it for years to overhear other people’s phone conversations in public. Now we generally don’t think much about it. On the other hand, the majority of communication now happens over SMS or other messaging platforms, so we don’t have to hear it at all. It’ll be interesting to see how voice-driven assistants compete with texting over time.

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