Conversica’s Virtual Sales Assistant

A few weeks ago, Nellie Bowles of the Guardian wrote an article called With love from my robot: virtual assistants may secretly be emailing you. Bowles focused on technologies from and Clara Labs. Both companies offer virtual meeting coordinators that use natural language understanding and machine learning algorithms to coordinate meeting times by emailing all meeting participants. People who receive the emails often aren’t aware that the email was written by a bot.

ConversicaThis past week I had an opportunity to talk with some of the team from Conversica. Like and Clara, Conversica offers technology that uses a smart virtual assistant to carry out routine tasks using email. In the case of Conversica, the assistant focuses on augmenting a company’s sales staff. The virtual sales assistant contacts leads by composing, sending, and responding to emails.

Conversica has designed the technology to be so personable and effective at crafting emails that most people assume they’re interacting with a human sales associate. The bot never writes the exact same email twice, but varies greetings, phrasing, and other aspects of each communication to give them a spontaneous and genuine feel.

Having a virtual sales assistant offers many benefits to a company that lives or dies on how well they follow up and close leads. In some cases, Conversica’s virtual sales assistant actually has an edge over its human colleagues. The fact is, Conversica’s bot never gets its feelings hurt when a prospect ignores its emails or says no. As a result, the virtual sales assistant is remarkably persistent.

The benefit to the prospect is that, no matter how far they are down in the lead queue, the company genuinely cares about winning their business and follows up with them. If they’re truly interested in the product, the sales bot connects them with a real person and makes sure that person doesn’t drop the ball.

To find out more about the history of Conversica’s company and underlying technology, see my full article Conversica Ramps Up Its Virtual Sales Assistant To Keep Tabs on Prospects on the Opus Research blog.

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