Insurify Car Insurance Chatbot – More Bots Focus on Conquering Verticals

Despite predictions that 2017 may see the demise of the much-hyped chatbot, some chatbot providers seem to be finding a solid market for their creations. I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago on the Opus Research site that talked about chatbots focused on specific verticals. Companies such as Kasisto that combine natural language, AI, and conversational technologies to address very targeted markets (in this case banking and finance) seem to be gaining a ton of traction.

Yesterday I posted on the Opus Research site about Insurify. Insurify recently issued a press release announcing a large round of funding led by MassMutual Ventures and Nationwide Ventures. These insurance giants realize that consumer behavior is continuing to shift away from desktop research and shopping to mobile research and shopping.

While conversational experiences may not be well suited for some shopping activities, they might be a great fit for something like finding car insurance.

If you think about it, what happens when you either call your insurance broker or fill out an online form to get insurance quotes? You end up answering a lot of predictable questions. So why not just let a knowledgeable chatbot ask you the questions as you type the answers into your phone while you wait your turn at the dentist?

According to the press release, 15 of 20 U.S. insurance carriers are already participating in the Insurify platform in some way or another.

Chatbots obviously have the attention of the insurance industry. They must be onto something.