Virtual Agent Chat is a blog focused on virtual agent technologies, also sometimes referred to as web self-service agents, intelligent assistants, personal assistants, service avatars, and chatbots. I’m Amy Stapleton and I started this blog in 2013.

Since retiring from my job as an Information Technology manager at NASA, I’ve joined the team at Opus Research as an analyst. Opus Research was started by Dan Miller, who coined the term “conversational commerce” way back in 2011 or so. Dan and the Opus Research team focus on intelligent assistance and intelligent authentication.

These days I post most of my content related to the intelligent assistance space on the Opus Research blog.


logoIn early 2016 I also co-founded Hutch.ai, an intelligent storehouse for narrative content designed for smart talking devices. Smart talking devices are things such as conversational robots, voice assistants, and talking toys. They offer wonderful new opportunities for interactive storytelling. These engaging story experiences can be leveraged for personalized learning, instructional entertainment, companionship, and more.

I post content related to smart conversational devices on the Hutch.ai blog and in the Social Robots publication on Medium.

You can reach me at astapleton@opusresearch.net and at amy@hutch.ai.

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