Nuance’s Dragon Mobile Assistant Offers Cool New Features

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 8.04.11 PMNuance Communications recently announced some cool new features on their Dragon mobile assistant app for Android.

The first new capability for the Dragon mobile assistant is a location sharing and friend finder feature. If you want to let a friend know where you are, you can ask Dragon to send that friend a text that links to your current location on a map. Likewise, if you’re trying to locate someone but you’re just not finding them, Dragon can show you a map with their position on it (assuming they give their permission)

The second new Dragon feature,  which really resonates with me, is the mobile assistant’s ability to diel up any telephone number that’s in a calendar appointment. So if you have a conference call scheduled for 1pm, Dragon will ask you just before the meeting if you’d like it to call the number for you. Now that’s service!

End-to-End hands=free text messaging is the last new item the press release mentions. Not only can Dragon transcribe and send text messages you dictate, but it can read aloud incoming text messages and respond to them with your dictated reply.