Intelligent Assistant Awards 2015 – Time to Apply!

Opus Research recently announced that their Intelligent Assistants Conference 2015 will be held at the W Hotel New York from October 13-14, 2015. In conjunction with last year’s conference, Opus held an awards contest for the top customer-facing intelligent assistants. The 2014 award winners were Domino’s Dom, Hyatt Hotel’s virtual agent reservation system, and the U.S. Army’s Sgt. Star.

Intelligent Assistants ConferenceThis year Opus will hold the 2nd annual Intelligent Assistant Awards (IAA). The contest is open to all operational intelligent assistants that function primarily in a self-service role. That means the focus is on customer-facing technologies that help users carry out activities such as making purchases, completing financial transactions, and answering support questions.

In assessing the entrants, the judging team will consider various characteristics. The features under evaluation will include quality of the user interface, overall quality of the assistance, consistency across various media, accuracy, and personality.

Last year there was a strong list of entrants. This year Opus expects even more participation in the contest. If your organization uses an intelligent assistant to provide self-service to your customers, I highly encourage you to enter the contest. Applying for the award isn’t too time-consuming and you’ll earn two free passes to the Intelligent Assistants Conference 2015 just for entering. Once you’re at the conference, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge and learn from other innovators in the growing field of self-service and intelligent assistance.

Be sure to check out the details on the Intelligent Assistant Awards page. If you need any help applying, reach out to the Opus Research team and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to assist.

Opus Research Hosts Intelligent Assistants Conference Next Week

Opus Research is hosting the first ever Intelligent Assistants Conference next week in sunny San Francisco. The team at Opus Research has done a great job at assembling a host of companies that are actually using intelligent assistants (aka virtual assistants or virtual agents) to improve customer service. If you’re interested in the growing marketplace for web self-service and advanced customer care technologies, this would be a great event to attend.

Intelligent Assistants ConferenceSome of the companies that will be present to tell their intelligent assistant stories include Coca-Cola, Hyatt Hotels, Domino’s Pizza, Windstream Communication, and Schlage. Hearing how they’re employing intelligent assistants and what’s working best for them should provide a wealth of useful information. It will also be interesting to hear how these companies developed their business cases to support the investment in intelligent assistants.

The virtual assistant vendor community will be well represented too. There will also be some speech technology and intelligent assistant luminaries participating in panel discussions. Norman Winarsky, Vice President, SRI Ventures and Liesl Capper, Leader, Watson Life Product Strategy, IBM (Formerly Founder of MyCyberTwin) are just two examples.

I hope to be writing about the conference and posting some of the outcomes to this blog and perhaps in a guest post or two to the Opus Research blog page.

It’s still not too late to sign up, so check out the details on the Opus Research event page for the Intelligent Assistants Conference. The official hashtag for the conference is #IACSF.